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Westwood’s Coffee Shop

would you like an ​adventure now, or ​shall we have our ​coffee first?

on the westside of cincinnati sits a neighborhood ​called westwood—esteemed by a hardworking ​history, alive with community, and buzzing with ​dreams. one such dream, years in the making: a ​coffee shop. but also a leap, an adventure, a hell of a ​story—Fable Cafe. a "third place," that is, a place for ​gathering between home and work or school. an ​intentional space, an extension of our home, where ​we can make good coffee for the people we love: our ​friends, neighbors, and community. a familiar retreat ​where all are welcome. an inspiring, storied corner of ​the west side where others can believe in their ​dreams too. what do coffee and fables have in ​common? they've both helped shape our history, the ​beauty and folly of the human experience, and they ​continue to shape our culture still. fables and coffee ​give people a reason to come together ~ a storied ​tradition that has been handed down generation to ​generation. Fable Cafe is a conduit for sharing that ​inheritance by making space for community and ​creativity to thrive. because we believe good coffee ​and good storytelling will change the world. pass it ​on. Fable Cafe - a "third place" located in westwood's ​historic town hall district. a coffee shop serving ​relational coffee, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and ​baked goods. a beautiful, intentionally designed cafe ​for the west side (and it's visitors!) to gather, share ​stories, and dream.

hey there beautiful, ​let’s wake you up.


Drip Coffee 2.75 / 3.25

Iced Coffee 4 / 4.5

Cold Brew 4.5 / 5

Espresso 3

Cortado 3.75

Cappuccino 3.75

Latte 4.5 / 5

Mocha 5 / 5.5

Hot Chocolate

Chai Latte 4.5 / 5

Matcha Latte

Golden Milk Latte

Loose Leaf Tea 3 / 3.5

+ Oat/almond milk available +0.75

+ House-made vanilla syrup +0.75

+ Rotating house-made seasonal syrups +0.75

The Breakfast Sammy (made to order): egg, 2 ​slices of bacon, white cheddar, house-made ​arugula mayo, english muffin

Rotating selection of:

sweet and savory croissants

sweet and savory danish pastries

cinnamon rolls

GF muffins

vegan donuts

+ All locally-sourced or made in -house

Event Rentals

Mural Room

Our semi-private mural ​room is available to rent ​Monday-Thursday for ​work meetings, book club, ​etc!

Full Cafe

Perfect for birthday ​parties, rehearsal ​dinners, baby/bridal ​showers, etc... rent our ​full cafe after 4pm for ​your next celebration!

Coffee Cup To Go Being Held

Co​ffee Cart

Bring Fable to your next ​event! Our coffee cart is ​designed to take all of the ​Fable espresso drinks you ​kn​ow and love on the go.

Coffee in White Ceramic Teacup on White Ceramic Suacer

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3117 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio ​4521​1

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